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1.Delia Derbyshire – Land (Inventions for Radio – Dreams, 1964)

2.Stars of the Lid – Even if You’re Never Awake (Deuxième) (And their Refinement of Decline, 2007)

3.Svarte Greiner – The Black Dress (Knive, 2006)

4.Grouper – You Never Came (Cover the Windows and the Walls, 2007)

5.Islaja – Viimeisellä Rannalla (Meritie, 2006)

6.Matteah Baim – Up is North (Death of the Sun, 2007)

7.Currituck Co. – A Raga Called Pat Cohn (Ghost Man on First, 2003)

8.Sir Richard Bishop – Gnostic Gem (Improvika, 2004)

José Afonso Biscaia

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Sunburned Hand of the Man – What color is the sky in the world you live in? [Fire Escape, 2007]

Richard Skelton – Heys [Marking Time, 2008]

Hauschka – Barfuss Durch Gras [Ferndorf, 2008]

Paul Metzger – Untitled [Three Improvisations on Modified Banjo, 2005]

Eric Copeland – Oreo [Hermaphrodite, 2007]

Ganglion – First & Last Snow [Go!, 2008]

Beggin For Your Pardon Miss Joan – Sasquatch [Undetermined Other,2008]

Hymie’s Basement – Lightning Bolts and Man Hands [Hymie’s Basemen, 2003]

Lau Nau – Painovoimaa, valoa [Nukkuu, 2008]

Nalle – First Eden Sank To Grief [The Sirens Wave,2008]

Carlo Patrão

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