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Zepelim has been invited to participate in the AV Festival as part of a 744-hour continuous online radio project called Radio Boredcast, curated by Vicki Bennett (People Like Us).

In response to our ambiguous relationship with time – do we have too much or not enough? – Radio Boredcast celebrates the detail, complexity and depth of experience lost through our obsession with speed. With over 100 participants Radio Boredcast includes new and unpublished works, freeform radio shows, field recordings, interviews, monologues and much, much more. Thematic playlists will run throughout from “Acconci” to “Zzz…”

You can listen continuously for a month, or for hours, minutes or seconds. Online 24 hours each day, avfestival.co.uk / thepixelpalace.org. Co-commissioned by AV Festival and Pixel Palace, hosted by BASIC.fm.

Radio Boredcast launches on 1 March.


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