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Zepelim’s chart included in The Wire Magazine, issue #348 explores musical compositions made of trigger sounds for Misophonia, a chronic condition in which specific sounds provoke intense emotional experiences and autonomic responses of fight or flight within an individual. These triggers are usually comprised of subtle, repetitive sounds such as mouth sounds, lip smacking sounds, chewing sounds, body sounds and breathing sounds. This chart presents musical compositions containing Misophonic triggers, with the aim of re-contextualizing these pieces and pointing to a new way of hearing them. If you suffer from Misophonia, approach this mix with caution. Is it possible to redefine Misophonic trigger sounds as Misophonic music?

Philip Corner
Carrot Chew Performance (Tellus)
Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox 
Olfactophobia  (Editions Mego)
Henri Chopin
Le Corps Est Une Usine À Sons (Alga Marghen)
Christof Migone
Untitled (Track 4) (Locust Music)
Trevor Wishart
Anticredos, for 6 amplified vocalists  (Electronic Music Foundation)
Paul Dutton
Lips Is (OHM éditions)
Walter Cianciusi

Chewing Gum (Vitaminic)
Die Elektrischen
Crunchy Frog (Dielectric Records)
Lauren Lesko
Thrist (Ubuweb)
Monique Rollin
Étude Vocale, 1952 (INA-GRM)
Natchung (Sonic Arts Network)
Gregory Whitehead
If a Voice Like, Then What? (Staalplaat)
Gil J. Wolman
La Mémoire  (Alga Marghen)
Kenneth Gaburo
Mouth-Piece: Sextet for solo trumpet (New World Records)
Duke Ellington
Chew-Chew-Chew (Chew Your Bubble Gum) (Mosaic Records)



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