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People Like Us/Vicki Bennett is currently Hallwalls Artist in Residence at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center in Buffalo, NY. This residency is a multi-tier project consisting of an onsite new film called Fourth Wall and a six-channel audio collage called First Person featuring readings from her co-authored book The Fundamental Questions. In parallel to the onsite exhibition, Vicki Bennett created an online archive of new micro-commissions from collaborators across the field of visual, audio, and textual art. These works respond to the themes of first person / the fourth and can be heard and seen on this WFMU page:


Featured Artists: Dina Kelberman, Buttress O’Kneel, Mark Hurst, Scott Williams, Irene Moon, Jasmin Blasco, Matmos, id m theft able, Sheila B, Ergo Phizmiz, Yon Visell, Porest, David Shea, Gregor Weichbrodt, Carlo Patrão, Tim Maloney, Gwilly Edmondez, Jon Leidecker (aka Wobbly), People Like Us, Peter Jaeger, Ranjit Bhatnagar, Adriene Lilly, Micah Moses, Andrew Sharpley, Andie Brown, John Kilduff (Let’s Paint TV) & Hearty White.

Stills from “Fourth Wall” (2020) by People Like Us

For this project, I contributed with a 40-minute radio collage called Second Hand Third Eye that mixes themes related to self-image, consciousness, perception, existentialism, media theory, and extra-dimensions. The creative process for this piece started with a quick survey of academic literature anchored on selfhood and a compilation of terms orbiting the construct of self.*** This list of keywords was the starting point for creating a dedicated archive of over one thousand voice samples from radio and tv shows from the 1950s to the present day. Often contradictory, non-sensical, or meta-referential, these samples come together in a collective search for meaning, both local and cosmic. More info: wfmu.org/playlists/shows/95230

***The self, self-realization, self-fulfillment, selfhood, self-destruction, self-commentary, self-creation, self-evident, self-making, self-understanding, self-esteem, self-sacrifice, self-reliance, self-portrait, self-knowledge, self-determined, self-interest, self-defense, self-censorship, selfish, self-tracking, self-image, self-care, self-immolation, self-improvement, self-interest, self-reflection, self-harm, self-rule, self-management, self-expression, self-deification, self-defeat, self-propelled, self-deception, self-reference, self-perception, self-medication, self-injury, self-service, self-formation, self-criticism, self-canonization, self-restraint, self-mediation, self-transformation, skin and self, self-mourning, self-obsessed, self-overcoming, self-centered, self-killing, self-protection, self-annihilation, self-reliance, self-publishing, self-translation, self-photography, self-cultivation, self-regulation, self-control, self-organized, self-invention, solitary self, self-critique, self-development, self-institutionalization, self-reproduction, self-ownership, self-love, self-preservation, self-appreciation, self-made, self-criticality, self-mastery self-congratulation, self-insight, self-hate, self-aware, self-forgiveness, self-taught, self-wolf, self-governing, self-assessment, self-exploration, self-interpretation, self-education, self-inflicted, self-organization, self-model, self-build, self-paced, self-reproducing, self-institution, true-self, second-self, self-identity, self-sabotage, self-analysis, self-service, self-glorification, self-hypnosis, self-empowerment, self-impression, self in roman thought, self-evolving, self-healing, self-experience, self-employed, the younger self, the myth of the self, self-study, self-fulfilling, self-talk, self-design, self-discipline, self-confidence, self-imitation, self-massage, speaking of the self, song of myself, self as enterprise, self in late modernity, self and god, phenomenology of the self, the riddle of the self, online self, the Dostoevskian self, the natural history of the self, psychology of the self, rewriting the self, Kant’s theory of the self, immaterial self, the virtual self, false-self, hungry self, obligated self, the death and life of the self, beyond the self, measure yourself, the plural self, identity and self, know thyself, orienting the self, self and the afterlife, quantified self, animal self, mimetic self, the embodied self, early-self, global self, political selfie, from self to social, the allure of the self, thinking about one self, embattled self, the naked self, becoming myself, the state and the self, amoral self, fractal self, memory and the self, the modern self, digital self, pristine self, classical self, networked self, genes and self, saving democracy from itself, bifurcation of the self, life itself, how to represent yourself in court, editing yourself, deep-self, the self in the transcendental tradition, disorders of the self, enigmatic self, divining the self, traumatized self, fight yourself, privacy of self, giving account of oneself, the emergent self, the self and other, despite itself, boundaries of the self, the care of the self, the purloined self, minimal self, inner self, selfie of a nation, self-exile, not itself, other self, technologies of the self, the quest for the self.             

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