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The February edition of The Wire magazine (issue 432) features the chart Waterfall as Metronome, composed of works inspired by the sight and sound of waterfalls including field recordings, on-site improvisation, sound installations, white noise, ethnographic work, and new-age interpretations of water, flow and the effects of negative ions. While putting together this list, I imagined a speculative history of music where compositions were not driven by metronome’s mechanical account of time, but by the continuous atemporal flow of a waterfall.

Waterfall as Metronome 15

Sarah HenniesGather (Category of manifestation)

Daniel Menche – Raw Fall (The Tapeworm)

Hafdis Bjarnadottir – North (Gruenrekorder)

Bill Fontana – Vertical Water (Whitney Museum)  

Peter Ablinger – Weiss / Weisslich 7b (Peter Ablinger)

Olivia Wyatt – The Pierced Heart and The Machete (Sublime Frequencies) 

Carlos Niño – Delightfulllll / Waterfall (feat. Iasos) (Leaving Records)

Francisco López – Tawhirimatea (No label)  

John Butcher- Close by, a waterfall (Confront)  

Annea LockwoodEnglewood Brook Falls, Palisades (Lovely)

Herman de Vries – Thema 1: bach (Artists Press Bern)

Micheal Pisaro – Still Life with Cicadas, Waterfall and Radu (Gravity Wave)

Ulahi and Eyo:bo – Sing At A Waterfall (Folkways) 

Paul Lloyd WarnerKipahulu Falls (MPI)

Steven FeldFlow like a Waterfall: The Metaphors of Kaluli Musical Theory (Yearbook for Traditional Music)

Voices of the Rainforest: A day in the life of Bosavi (2019), directed and produced by Steven Feld
Peter Ablinger at the Waterfalls of Krimml, Austria, recording Weiss/Weisslich 33, 1999

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The September edition of The Wire magazine (issue 403) features the chart “15 For The Log Lady“, inspired by the Twin Peaks Log Lady character portrayed by Catherine E. Coulson. This tracklist is made up of musical compositions that use logs, wood, timber, and trees as a primary source of sound.

15 For The Log Lady

Kate Carr – The creaking door of the abandoned concrete factory, Ólafsfjörður, Iceland (Helen Scarsdale Agency)

Anton Mobin – Floating Wood  (Green Field)

Bartholomäus Traubeck – Years (Bandcamp)

Limpe Fuchs – Holztrauer  (Play Loud!)

Jay-Dea Lopez – One tree in a forest: A field recording (soundslikenoise.org)

Junko & Thomas Tilly – Wild Protest N 48 54.339´/e 005 23.224´ (Vent Des Forêts)

Peter Brötzmann & Han Bennink – Aufen Nr. 4  (FMP)

Owl Project – Iloger (Soundcloud)

Bob Verschueren – Sequoia (Sequoia sempervirens) (Fuga Libera)

Laurie Anderson – Handphone table. Remembering Sound (MOMA)

Hazard – The Logfires (Ash International)

Greg Davis & Jeph Jerman – Matinee, New Plymouth (Autumn)

Wilmot MacDonald – The Lumberman’s Aphabet  (Smithsonian Folkways)

Annea Lockwood – Buoyant (Recital)

Mladen Kovacevic – Anplagd (Horopter Film Production)



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This chart features 15 compositions that show different ways of appropriation of the balloon as an instrument.

# The Wire Magazine, May 2014

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Zepelim’s chart included in The Wire Magazine, issue #348 explores musical compositions made of trigger sounds for Misophonia, a chronic condition in which specific sounds provoke intense emotional experiences and autonomic responses of fight or flight within an individual. These triggers are usually comprised of subtle, repetitive sounds such as mouth sounds, lip smacking sounds, chewing sounds, body sounds and breathing sounds. This chart presents musical compositions containing Misophonic triggers, with the aim of re-contextualizing these pieces and pointing to a new way of hearing them. If you suffer from Misophonia, approach this mix with caution. Is it possible to redefine Misophonic trigger sounds as Misophonic music?

Philip Corner
Carrot Chew Performance (Tellus)
Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox 
Olfactophobia  (Editions Mego)
Henri Chopin
Le Corps Est Une Usine À Sons (Alga Marghen)
Christof Migone
Untitled (Track 4) (Locust Music)
Trevor Wishart
Anticredos, for 6 amplified vocalists  (Electronic Music Foundation)
Paul Dutton
Lips Is (OHM éditions)
Walter Cianciusi

Chewing Gum (Vitaminic)
Die Elektrischen
Crunchy Frog (Dielectric Records)
Lauren Lesko
Thrist (Ubuweb)
Monique Rollin
Étude Vocale, 1952 (INA-GRM)
Natchung (Sonic Arts Network)
Gregory Whitehead
If a Voice Like, Then What? (Staalplaat)
Gil J. Wolman
La Mémoire  (Alga Marghen)
Kenneth Gaburo
Mouth-Piece: Sextet for solo trumpet (New World Records)
Duke Ellington
Chew-Chew-Chew (Chew Your Bubble Gum) (Mosaic Records)



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